Spotting Techniques to Improve Turns

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Why Dancers Don't Get Dizzy?

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Why Dancers Don't Get Dizzy

Dance Spotting Technique Not To Get Dizzy:

A spotting technique helps dancers float across the floor like their dance shoes are not touching the ground.
Round and round they go, so why don't they get dizzy? To answer that question we first need to understand what causes vertigo, or being dizzy. Vertigo is caused by the sensory organ in the inner ear known as the vestibular system. The canals of the inner ear are filled with fluid that moves in response to gravity and movement of head position. When dancers spin around then suddenly stop the fluid continues to flow for a couple minutes causing vertigo. There must be something a dancer can do to counter this reaction.

You might wonder if there are special ballroom shoes a dancer can buy to keep them on their feet. No, it's not the  dance shoes. Many experienced dancers have adapted their brains to reduce the physical signs that cause dizziness.

However, most dancers learn a technique known as spotting. When a dancer is spotting they keep their head in the same position for as long as possible. Then they quickly rotate it around, back to the same position. Sounds simple enough, and it is once you master the basic technique. Once you learn it you will find many dances not nearly as difficult as before.

Spotting is a technique that takes practice to learn. Start slow and be sure you are warmed up. You will be able to use this technique when you do graceful waltzes as well as sexy salsa dances. Once you have mastered the technique of spotting you will be able to spin like a top and never tumble. Just like good posture it will become second nature to you. But you must start slow, and practice, practice, practice.

Find a spot on the wall. If it helps make a mark with tape, otherwise find something at eye level that is easy to see. Stand straight and put your hands on your shoulders. Your arms will help keep you balanced till you get the hang of spotting. Turn your body but not your head. When your head is over your shoulder, move it around quickly. You should again be focused on the same spot. Like all dance moves, it will take practice. Eventually it will become so natural you will not even think about it, you will just do it.




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