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Walking Wrong

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Wrong Shoes

According to scientists many walking shoes cause just as much damage and injury to the feet as high heels and stilettos.

Some people have the impression that modern shoes made for comfort such as running shoes that claim to provide the support needed to keep ones feet healthy are great for our feet and shoes such as high heels are the culprit for the bad feet in today’s society. Studies show that when our feet are compared to those thousands of years ago, we have changed the structure of our feet over time. When feet were looked at across the globe the people in remote areas who seldom wear shoes has the healthiest feet while those who lived in areas where shoes were a prominent part of life their feet were the unhealthiest of all. Prior to the invention of shoes humans had the healthiest feet according to studies, the invention of bad quality shoes began the changes in feet as we know them today.

Studies show that shoes that most think are healthy for the feet are often times the worst ones to wear and are bad for the feet. There is not a particular type of shoe as most would like to think it is shoes that are made of bad quality. .

Shoes in general are not healthy for the feet they change the way a person walks. This has been going on for centuries now and it has been discovered that wearing the bad quality shoes can harm and do irreversible damage to the feet that many people are not aware of. The long term medical effects of wearing bad shoes can be costly and painful to say the least. Shoes are promoted to be healthy for the feet but if the incorrect type of shoe is worn it is best for the feet to wear no shoes at all. The wrong type of shoe will change the foot and many of shoes on the market do just that. They offer the best comfort and support and charge hundreds of dollars but the feet would fare better if no shoes were ever applied if the wrong type is worn. Millions of dollars a year is spent on foot care a year in orthopedic offices for foot pain and most of this expense could be prevented if only people would wear shoes that complement the feet and their natural design.

Clark never intended to get into the shoe business but after some research he began working with a company in England that helped to develop and create an ecologically responsible shoe that will not damage nor change the natural design of the foot. He came up with a shoe that is very similar to a moccasin that would have been worn thousands of years ago. This shoe fits the natural design of the foot and will allow for walking like we were designed to do. Many shoes on the market today if placed on a table with curve upwards at the toes and this is not a natural position for the foot. This causes the foot to roll from one step to the next step and the foot was not designed to have movement like this. The foot was not designed to roll from one step to another.





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