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The Tempo and Counting During Dance Music

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Understanding the tempo of a ballroom dance music

Understanding the tempo of a ballroom dance music:

The finest dancers in the world are able to count while dancing, and you may do the same once you learn to find the beat.

Counting during dance music is important, but you must understand how fast the music is. The tempo of a song tells you where ever beat occurs, and you must ensure that you have found the tempo before beginning. You may work with live musicians who may give you the exact tempo you want, and you may snap the tempo for them before they begin. You must find the tempo of recorded music before you get on the dance floor and tap your dance shoes, and you may listen for the tempo while choosing songs. This article briefly explains how to select songs that are the right tempo for your dances.

#1: Fast VS. Slow

Slow and fast songs are easy to pick out. Counting along with a fast song is difficult because the beats go by so quickly, and slow songs require a bit of patience as you brush your dancing shoes against the floor and wait for the next beat to occur. This information is vitally important to your dance moves, and you must not allow yourself to be fooled by a song with an odd meter. Count the beats that you hear during the song, and ensure that you are comfortable with the speed of the song.

#2: How Do You Pick Out The Beat?

The backbeat of a song tells you where half the beats are. You may tap your dance shoes along with a song that has a heavy backbeat, but there are beats in between each backbeat that you must account for. The song may be quite fast, and you may choose to go with only backbeats to make the song slower. The same is true if you are working on a song that is quite slow. You may double the number of beats by clapping along with the eighth notes, and you will have a song that is the perfect speed for your next dance.

Any dancer must have rudimentary knowledge of the beat, and counting during music requires only the songs you enjoy and your hands. You must clap along with every song to find the beat, and you must play with the beat to find a song that matches your needs. Every song is slightly different, and you may find different versions of the same song that offer you multiple tempi.





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