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Wedding Dance

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top 10 wedding dance tips

Top 10 Wedding Dance Tips:

The reception is here and so is the first dance. You may be a party guest, parents, or the bride and groom. The first dance has a different interpretation for many people. Some are anxious to get out and "cut a rug". Other wedding attendees are shy. Either way, there is no way to get around it. The wedding dance is going to find you, so you may as well be prepared.

1. You better check your dress length before you walk in, whether you plan to hit the floor or not. A heavy dress train will cause chaos any time you walk around. Practice on something similar you have at home. This will give you a good indication as to where you stand. Worse comes to worse, you may have to change before the reception.

2. Your shoes need to be appropriate and easy to get around in. Practice at home before you go. Bring the best shoes you feel comfortable in. Bring two pairs of your dance shoes. You will not have to choose the hard way by doing this.

3. Investigate the type of floor you will be working with. The floor you will be on will tell you everything you need to know.

4. Start preparing for this day at least 4 months beforehand. Guests need to put their best foot forward too. Take some dance classes. Do what it takes to make sure you put forth a good first impression.

5. Are you going as a couple? Why not use this time to reconnect. A wedding and receptions a good way to bring some old feeling back. Do not hold back. This is a good way to strengthen what you already have.

6. Leave your audience wanting more. This advice goes for those who like to have an audience. Keep it simple. Keep the mystery, always the mystery.

7. Put the dress on and practice every move you will make on this day. Doing this will ensure you do not make any wrong moves. Practice getting in and out of your ceremony gown. Practice getting in and out of your reception attire.

8. Are you unsure of a routine. Just go with it. Do not worry about anyone making fun of you. The other guests will be too concerned with their own issues. Just take a wrong move and make it your own.

9. Choose music that means something to you. This advice is more of the bride and groom. Pick a song that resonates with each of you on the floor. This is your special day. Mistakes will happen.

10. The bride and groom need to remember what is being rehearsed. The DJ needs to be aware of what plans you are making. It is not a good idea to change things at the last minute. Most DJ's have a set schedule they work off of.




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