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Dance spotting techniques

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Dance Spotting Tips

Top 10 Dance Spotting Tips:

The art of dancing requires perfect body balance. You need to focus your head, eyes and the body to enhance body control and prevent dizziness. Dance sporting techniques are essential in enabling a dancer to achieve the right dancing turns and moves. The head has to rotate faster and stop to allow the dancer get focused to a given point called the spotting point.

When doing dance spotting have the right shoes. Putting ballroom dancing shoes prevent injury during the exercise. Also, dancing shoes are used on the hard ground, not on rugs or slippery floor. To perfectly master the art of dance spotting, the following techniques are essential.

1. Begin slowly: When you are a learner, you need to make your body accustomed to the spotting moves. Doing it slowly, but accurately will help your body get used to the moves and avoid straining. Your speed increases as your body get used to the moves.

2. Have a point of focus: having a point on the wall as your point of concentration will keep you steady and enhance your body balance. You can make appoint on the wall or just put an object. The point should be at your eye level. Make the point noticeable and clear.

3. Prepare: do adequate preparation by warming up and putting your hands on your shoulder or hips. This will keep you focused and maintain body balance.

4. Listen to your body while executing the moves: ensure when you turn the body, the head also turns in the right orientation. Do not stress the neck by focusing too much on the spotting point.

5. Refocus on the spotting point: When completing a move, your body will continue turning to the right. At this point whip your head and refocus on the spotting point again. You then let your body follow the head to the starting point.

6. Focus your eyes: Ensure that the whipping action is very fast. Your eyes should not see any other thing, but the spot.

7. Body rotation: With your eyes fixed on the spot, allow your body to make a rotation and follow them.

8. Complete the rotation: Your eyes should always lead your body when making any turn. Complete the rotation by going back to the starting point.

9. Long looks: Avoid looking at the sport for so long your neck might get hurt.

10. dizziness or an injury: If you experience dizziness or an injury, halt the exercise and lie down a bit or rest and take enough water.




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