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Tips on How 2 Choose Right Dance Shoes

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How to Choose Right Ballroom Dance Shoes

Choose your dance shoes wisely!

 Make sure you choose a snug fit, but not too tight on your toes. Try on several pair before you make your final purchase. Once you find a dance shoe that is just right for you and your dancing needs, you can find them online and feel confident you will get the right style and fit.

Shoe Construction
For any type of dance shoe, non-slip soles are essential. Suede soles have just the right amount of slide and grip. Rubber and leather soles are not good for dancing. Rubber sticks and leather slips. Dance shoes are typically very flexible and lightweight and most have a steel shank that aids in support.

Select Proper Style
Black lace-up Oxfords with a flat heel for standard dance and 1-2 inch heel for Latin dances are best for men. There are many more options for women's dance shoes than for men's dance shoes. Slim or flared heels, 1-3 inches in height are best. Styles vary from open and closed toe pumps to sandals. When making turns, slim heels are best, and flared heels are more stable for Latin dances.

Women's Dance Shoes
Most Latin dancers prefer open-toe shoes or strappy sandals with a 3 inch flared heel. Black is the most popular color, but many colors are available. For competitions, many women prefer flesh-colored shoes that help extend the leg line. Starting out, one pair of basic shoes will work. You can always add to your wardrobe with various styles and colors. As far as cost, you can expect to pay about $100.00 for a good pair of Latin dance shoes.

Upkeep and Repair
Only wear your dance shoes on the dance floor. They will wear out quickly if you wear them outside and rough surfaces will damage the soles. If they need a repair, go to a reputable shoemaker who has experience with dance shoes.




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