Three Ways to Fix Injured Ankle

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3 ways to fix injured ankle

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3 ways you can fix injured ankle

Latin Dancing and Solution for Injured Ankle

Latin dancers are always on their feet. Dancers spend hours practicing for competitions doing several different dance moves in order to perfect their skills. It is not uncommon for dancers to experience issues with their ankles including soreness. Having a good pair of dance shoes can help prevent these injuries and reduce the risk a dancer has for getting injured.

Ankles are one of the most common parts of the body that are injured when playing sports including ballroom dancing. It is estimated that around eight million people injure their ankles each year. The most common injury for the ankle is a sprain. People may recover from the ankle sprain and may experience this problem again. The chance of the ankle being injured again is at least thirty percent. This rate is for ballroom dancers as well.

As the body iheals, a person should take it easy while they are recovering from a sprained ankle. Even with the proper dancing shoes a person can cause further damage. If you notices that your ankles are in pain, you should stop dancing and try not to stand on the ankle that is injured. There are several balance exercises that a person can do to help their ankles. First and foremost, wear well fitted shoes! You can work on balance exercises that will build your strength in the ankle. You will notice that over the course of a month your ankle will become more stable and you will have better control. If you do these exercises ffor at least six weeks ,you are less likely to become injured again. This will not only help reduce the chance of injury it will help a person perfect their ballroom dance move. After a person has a sprained ankle, the ankle may be a little wobbly. 

There are some things that a person can do at home to improve the strength of their ankle:

All you need is a table or a wall to help steady yourselves and find your equilibrium. You can stand on one leg for a minute or two while you  have crossed arms over your chest.
 These exercises can also be done while a person is standing on a pillow to try to help further keep your balance.

Learning how to balance will not only help a person recover from injuries, but also will strength their ankle as well. The better balance a person has, the better the dance moves . They will reduce their chance of being injured. 




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