3 Quick Ways to Fix Dance Shoe Suede Sole

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3 Quick Ways to Fix Suede Sole

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Dance shoes & dance shoe brush go hand in hand.

Men's and women's dance shoes with suede sole are far more delicate than ordinary shoes and therefore require more meticulous care. To keep your dancing shoes in top condition you must brush away the dirt with a metal brush to eliminate matting. Be sure not to brush your shoe sole too hard. Lubricate the sole as detailed below to prevent wear and scratching.

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1  - There are several ways you can clean your shoes' suede sole. One way is by using a metal shoe brush and Vitamin E oil. Brush the shoe sole and follow up with one drop of Vitamin E oil and then rub the bottom of the shoes together. To prevent shoe soles from deep cuts, brush gently and deeply in several directions to bring out the suede’s nap. Make sure to brush your shoes over a trash can, as it can make a mess. If you don’t have time to clean your shoes properly and you need a quick fix, skip the brushing part altogether! Just apply one drop of Vitamin E oil, rub sole to sole and back on the floor!

2  - Another option to clean women's or men's dance shoe suede sole properly is the same as above, but in this case instead of Vitamin E oil use Castor oil.

3 - If you are in class and don’t have time to clean your shoe soles properly, you can use a slightly damp paper towel. A lot of dancers use this quick fix to prevent sliding or to get a better grip. Simply place a wet napkin or cloth on the dance floor and as soon as you feel your shoes get slippery tap your foot on to wet towel, napkin or cloth and get back to your dance floor.

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Get in the habit of cleaning your shoes after every dance class to keep them in top condition. Dust and floor wax are the enemies of dancing shoes, as they can deteriorate the soles. The soles will still wear down with time and may need to be replaced with a material called chromed leather. You can find replacement soles at our store, available in brown and black, but to replace them you will need to visit your nearest shoe repair shop.
Important! Never wear your dance shoes outside of a studio setting, as concrete and pavement will tear up your shoes. Experienced dancers usually keep an old pair of dancing shoes for practice and use newer ones for performances.




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