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Supadance Dance Shoes

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Why Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes?

Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes at Dance America:

For over sixty years now, Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes » have been renown throughout the entertainment world as one of the United Kingdoms’ premier ballroom and Latin American dance shoe lines on the market. Designers worked with top dancers and instructors to produce a line of shoes that are durable and affordable, Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes » come in a wide variety of styles for every type of ballroom and Latin American dance from the foxtrot and the rumba to the tango and the swing. Dancers can feel secure in knowing that Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes will provide comfort and protection at any performance intensity. The shoes will allow for smooth movements while at the same time give a look of beauty and grace. From world champions to instructors to students, Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes provide complete satisfaction. In need of a wide or custom fit? We are ready to service all of a performer’s demands.


inner sole technology

Our womens ballroom dance shoe inner sole technology »

women's ballroom dance shoes


inner sole technology

At Dance America, we know how crucial proper womens footwear and mens footwear is to a ballroom and Latin American dance performance. The health of a dancer’s feet is a top priority. It is important for dancers to not only look great, but to also be assured that they are fitted with the most reliable equipment. Good ballroom and Latin American dance shoes should be both comfortable and flexible allowing for limitless movement across the dance floor. It is also necessary that shoes fit a dancer’s individual needs and provide them with enough support in order to protect their feet from injury. This is why at Dance America we carry only the finest quality dance shoes in lines for both women and men.

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The last things a dancer wants to be concerned with while executing the intricate movements involved in each style of dance are their shoes. The extraordinary performance and security of Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes » will allow dancers to glide their way across the dance floor without worry. As well as our dancewear attire » , our shoes are constructed with only the finest materials assuring dancers satisfaction for years to come. We take pleasure in knowing that we provide dancers with shoes in which they can cha cha, jive, or rumba their way around the dance floor with confidence. Whether a professional or just starting out, man or woman, Supadance Ballroom Dance Shoes has the perfect shoe for any style of ballroom dancer.




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