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Is the an age limit on ballroom dancing?

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Is the an age limit on senior ballroom dancers?

Senior Ballroom Dancers

Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are too old to try something new! These days, more and more seniors are getting involved in ballroom dancing. These seniors are all too happy to put on their dancing shoes to learn dances such as the Tango, the Waltz and the Quickstep. Maybe the resurgence has to do with the reality series Dancing with the Stars, which features celebrities of all ages including those well over the age of seventy, not afraid to take to the dance floor even in those high heel shoes that the women are required to wear. But what are the benefits of seniors taking to the dance floor in their dancing shoes other than learning a fun new hobby?

Well, there is the obvious benefit that ballroom dancing is a good healthy cardiovascular workout which is beneficial at any age. Especially for seniors who are at an age where such high impact workouts like aerobics may not be something to explore especially for beginners. But ballroom dancing definitely is. Along with the physical benefits that await a senior on the dance floor, their are the mental benefits as well.

The older a person gets, they can develop memory issues such as dementia, But learning ballroom dancing actually helps to keep their memory skills sharpened. While learning the discipline, a person must learn the dance steps, proper timing, and proper posture. In fact, a recent study involving seniors over the age of 68 proved that ballroom dancing did indeed benefit seniors both physically and mentally. The study determined that those who were in a ballroom dancing group had sharpened their memory skills far better than those in a group where the seniors took part in various other exercise workouts.

Another benefit that seniors have dicovered who have taken up ballroom dancing is their outlook on life has changed. The older we get we tend to get set in our ways, sometimes feeling as if we have outlived our purpose. Ballroom dancing has given seniors a new lease on life, a reason to get up each morning, a fun new way to fill their day. For some, it's just a hobby but for others, it has become something that they have taken to a competitive level, actually entering competitions, where their younger opponents never underestimate them because these seniors can not only do the moves, they know a thing or two about discipline given their life experience.

So, if you want to become a senior ballroom dancer consult your physician first. The second thing to do is get out those dancing shoes and hit the dance floor!




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