Quick Tips on How to Enroll Ballroom Dance Students

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How to recruit students to my dance class?

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Quick Tips on How to Enroll Ballroom Dance Students:

From women's and men's dancewear to Supadance shoes, an ideal ballroom dancer knows we at Dance America deliver the exquisite dance attire and the most impeccable wide variety Latin dance shoes for women and men. Dancing is a recreation embraced by most people who need to expand their studios with an aim to promote ballroom dancing.

Want more students in your dance studio?

Here are three approaches to further enrollment:

1. The invitation approach

Invitations work wonders. Personalized invitations tend to bond students closer to the studio. A simple printout of a stunning invitation to a complimentary event or performance at your studio or workshop is a highly effective way to promote your studio.

Give the invitations to your current students and ask them to pass it to their friends at school or home. Nothing would make me more excited than to invite my friends to my dancing studio. It’s like inviting your best friends to a party! Ensure the invitation cards have space for the students to write both their name and their friends name. If you invite a person to a spectacular dance event, it will amplify their interest in the studio and dancing, they would like to dance in Dance America ballroom shoes like the performing dancers. This is a key approach in acquiring potential students.

The invitation approach is more efficient than all other approaches, including referrals and word of mouth promotions, where you have the awkward "bring a friend along" conversations.

2. The Social Media Approach

Today, more than half the world’s population are in social media platforms. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus to create awareness of both your studio and dance products. Use Facebook ads and pages to connect with target dream students, regardless of place. Screen upcoming events and urge people to attend, don’t forget to attach media such as photos and videos.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for your studio. Upload a beautiful dance video of Dance America attired dancers on Instagram. Add a “Find out more” button on a Facebook ad or a link in a tweet to direct people to an external studio website. These little tweaks nurtures dream students towards enrolling in your studio.

Well, don’t forget to include your favorite Dance America pairs of ballroom dance or Supadance shoes!

3. The Phone Approach

As a studio owner with a small marketing budget and needs a significant number of new students, a phone call comes in handy to develop a connection and the opportunity to promote your studio. Follow up on inquiries your studio receives and use your dancing passion to connect with a potential student.

A phone call can be as simple as asking them a few questions about their dancing passion or what’s influential in a studio and the number of new enrollments will astound you. Advancing message inquiries to phone calls demonstrates your studio’s care for the student. Quite often, it earns you a new friend.

The implementation of these approaches is key to an astonishing number of student enrollments. Conquer the world with a winsome Dance America attire and a perfect pair of women and men dance shoes.




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