Promenade Position in Ballroom Dancing

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Promenade Position

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Promenade Position

Promenade Position In Ballroom Dancing

Dancers can get ready for Latin rhythm dance or American ballroom dance with the promenade position. This position is a little complex and must be practiced many times with sensible shoes for partners to be in sync with each other. When in this position, the bodies are touching slightly at an angle. This position looks like an open triangle with both partners making contact at the hip; the male's right hip to the female's left hip. The right hand of the male and the left hand of the female are on each others waist. The other arms are extended toward the opening. With comfortable dancing shoes on, the partners are now ready to perform a number of dances while standing in this position. Many routines can be created from this position. The partners have many position options to choose from. In competitions, the judges will be amazed at the smoothness of being in this position, adding variations to it, and getting back to this position without losing any rhythm or timing. The dance shoes play a huge part in all routines.

The promenade position can serve as a surprise inclusion to many routines. Sometimes special dance shoes are worn by the partners so that there will not be any unwanted slipping on the dance floor. In this position, partners can show off their brilliant skills and techniques for incorporating various moves into their repertoire. They often combine the promenade position with other positions to create a very unique dance style. This one position can be the most exciting part of the routine if the partners remember to keep the extended arms relaxed and not rigid. In fact, relaxation is a major key to perfecting this and other partner positions. In dance competitions, one of the scoring factors is whether or not the dancers look as though their routine can flow freely and not show visible signs of being up tight and unsure of what they are doing. If you want to learn this and other ballroom dance steps and positions, classes are available. You can also learn in the privacy of your own home, or invite friends over to interact with dance lessons on video. Even those who have chosen ballroom dancing as a profession refresh their knowledge of different positions by having the videos readily handy for practice purposes. You too can become as expert in the art of dancing.




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