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Mens ballroom dance shoes

$129.00 - $134.00
Chicago Black Patent Ballroom Shoes by Dance America
$139.00 - $144.00
$129.00 - $134.00
Black Lycra Elasticized Jackson Ballroom Dance Shoe by Dance America
$119.00 - $124.00
Lincoln Black Classic Children’s Ballroom Shoe

Children' s Sizes Available

Manhattan by Dance America


$129.00 - $134.00

Children' s Sizes Available

Orlando Black Lycra Practice Dance Shoes
$119.00 - $124.00
BW111 Bryan Watson Men's Latin Dance Shoes by Ray Rose
BW111 Bryan Watson
$189.00 - $194.00
330 Windrush Genuine Leather Black Dance Shoes
335 Windrush

Available in Patent and Suede


$189.00 - $194.00
Mens Standard Smooth Ballroom Dancing Shoe Image
330 Sandstorm

 Now also available in Wide Width


$169.00 - $174.00
460 Thunder Classic Latin American Style Ballroom Dance Shoes by Ray Rose
460 Thunder
$169.00 - $174.00
460 Thunder Classic Latin American Style Ballroom Dance Shoes by Ray Rose


Was: $174.00
Now: $107.00
Breeze Ballroom Dance Footwear
410 Breeze
$159.00 - $164.00
supadance 5000 black patent shoes
Supadance 5000 SALE SPECIAL BUY

Supadance 5000


Was: $214.00
Now: $125.00
supadance 8508 dance shoes
Supadance 8508 SALE SPECIAL BUY

Supadance 8508



Was: $234.00
Now: $125.00
Buy SMAGIN 136T Black Crepe and Patent Ballroom Dance Shoes
Smagin 136T


$230.00 - $235.00
Stefano 138T Black Leather and Patent Heel at Dance America
Stefano 138T


$230.00 - $235.00

Mens Ballroom Dance Shoe Info

Dance America offers a variety of fashionable mens ballroom dance shoes that will appeal to even the finicky dancer. Our selection exceeds other companies and FedEx shipping allows for fast and courteous delivery directly to the doorstep. The ballroom shoes from Dance America are manufactured in England and Portugal and can be ordered online to view the entire selection of available dancing shoes. All dancers want the ability to choose a dance shoe that will allow dancing often and still have energized feet and legs afterward.

Features and benefits of our mens ballroom dance shoes

Our shoes at Dance America are equipped with an additional feature that allows the upmost comfort and fit in dance shoes available on the market today. A traditional wide fitting dance shoes adds additional room for wide feet but our mens dancing shoes at Dance America allow additional room for the foot without increasing the width of the ballroom dance shoes. These mens ballroom shoes allow for extra room without jeopardizing the appearance of the ballroom dance shoe.

The Latin dance shoes have a radical shock absorbent feature that allows unified arch support and seat pad. This allows for the best support possible, while still allowing the upmost level of flexibility for mens Latin ballroom shoes. Ballroom dancing requires a dance shoe that will provide comfort to last the duration of the mens ballroom dance event or practice. Having a mens ballroom dance shoe that comes with an excellent rating from previous customers is evidence of the superior quality, comfort, and style that comes with owning a pair of ballroom dance shoes from Dance America.

The Pro Glide heel is a revolutionary new advancement in mens dance shoes. The shoe contains a suede heel that is strategically placed in the back of the heel. The position of the heel prevents the heel from becoming displaced from repetitive wear from a ballroom dancer. It maintains the sleek and elegance of our other dance shoes that do not contain this feature. It is created with cushioning substance that is hidden but allows for the upmost in shock absorption and support.

The Mens standard shoes have a removable sports inner sole which allows for washing and proper cleaning. They also provide the benefits of arch support and cushioning. All of the mens ballroom dance shoes are made using the highest quality inner soles available on the market today.

At Dance America we only manufacture the most exquisite dance shoes that allow for comfort, grace and elegance and provide the best experience on the dance floor. The quality and marksmanship of our mens dance shoes have built a reputation that speaks for itself. Having the ability to purchase dance shoes that come with a reputation like those from Dance America allows for an easy decision for mens dance shoes.

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