Latin dancing and Resistance Training

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How does muscle mass affect dancers flexibility?

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how does muscule mass affect dancers flexibility

Latin dancing and Resistance Training

Ballroom dancing is a lot more physical than most people would think. These dancers need to build up strength and resistance. Resistance training is needed for dancers to stay in shape and help improve their flexibility. Resisting training can help all athletes improve their game including dancers. Having the correct pair of ballroom dancing shoes can also help. Ballroom dancing shoes can give a dancer the support that they need.

Today dancers are being seen as all around athletes. Even ballroom dancers need to have a certain amount of strength and endurance to be able to perform the dance moves. Some of their performances can last for several minutes and the dancers need to be able to keep up with the music. They may use different techniques when they are dancing but there are several things that remain the same. When a dancer engages in resistance moves they are building the strength in their back, addition power in their legs, and they are increase the speeds at which they can move and dance. Ballroom dancers are on their feet for an extended period of time and need the strength for their swings and other moves as well as endurance. While years of training on the dance floor can help a person get into good shape resistance training can make it easier for the dancers to build up their skills as well as their speeds. These ballroom dancers will be able to do moves that others are not able to go since they will be stronger. Endurance training is great for men and women.

In the past dancers have moved away from resistance training. They did not think that this training will benefit them and their dances moves. Ballroom dancing is not a sport where people think a lot of muscle mass is needed. They did not want to develop a large amount of muscle mass as they though that it may interfere with their ability to be flexible. Research has been done on this theory and there have been no evidence found to support these claims. When dancers participate in both strength and training program they will have better fitness and in competitions have received higher scores from the judges than their non strength training peers. They have also received more compliments from directors of dance companies which can mean the different of getting a job or getting bypassed on a job. Ballroom dancers that engage in resistance training have shown that this training has increased their performance and their abilities on the dance floor for both people. This training really does make a difference.

Resistance training can help a dancer in their career. It does not matter if they are dancing for social reasons in a competitive manner. Resistance training can help the dancer build strong foundations so they will be able to complete their dance moves. Ballroom dancers can benefits from endurance. They need to have the strength in their legs to keep on dancing. This training will allow the dancers to be able to have the endurance that they need in order to put on a great performance.




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