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Ten Etiquette Rules for Latin Dancing

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Dance floor etiquette

Latin dance floor etiquette:

Dancing can be an enjoyable and relaxing recreational activity, if you are wearing best quality dancing shoes and know how and follow the unwritten guidelines for dancing etiquette. All though the times have changed considerably some of the same rules still apply today. However, there were some that were quite different and reflect older times. If a gentleman knew how to dance, but was impassive to the idea is just recommended to leave. White gloves were to be worn. Noise levels needed to remain low in volume, thunderous noise was not permitted. Married couples would usually not dance together the entire evening, this was socially acceptable. These were some of the rules that varied from today's regulations.

Dress for ballroom dances can be considered extremely sophisticated. Men usually wear a white undershirt and dress shirt with black dress pants, socks, vest, and mens dance shoes. While women wear long, flowing, medium in fabric style dress or skirt with tights and womens closed toe dance shoes. Usually, showing off the shoulders, in a sleek and elegant fashion. Shoes are an extremely important part of the dress "code," you don't want to wear something that is going to cause your dance to become strenuous and tiring.

Top 10 Rules for dancing:

1. Dancing should allows rotate in a counterclockwise fashion. If everyone begins to go in whichever direction they chose, the dance could get messy pretty quickly.

2. If you hit other dancers, you should be considerate and offer up an apology and a smile.

3. The outer edge is used for primarily fast paced dancers, whereas the middle of the floor is used for slower dancers.

4. It is perfectly acceptable for either a man or a woman to make the initial dance request, today.

5. If you arrive with a partner or a date it is completely acceptable to dance with someone other than the person in which you arrived. Actually, it is the most recommended and socially acceptable to dance with others.

6. Regardless of who asked for the dance, it is customary that the gentleman return the lady to her set.

7. If you are to dance with someone that is less proficient in dancing than yourself, you should dance to their level, in order to show respect and not pose that you are attempted to show off.

8. If you are invited to dance, you should not reject the dance. If you must reject the dance you should remember that sitting out the entire dance would be wise and respectful.

9. At the end of the dance you should always applaud your partner as well as the other dancers.

10. Always make sure that you are considerate to not only your others but your partner as well.

These rules for ballroom dance can be applied to other types of dance as well. Also remember, that teaching while on the dance floor is frowned upon, no matter what form of dance you are participating in. It can be very frustrating and embarrassing for all parties involved, especially the one being coached. It would, however, be accepted if it was asked by the person being taught the dance.




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