Ballroom Dancing vs Tango Dancing

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Tango vs Ballroom Dancing

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Tango Dancing Versus Ballroom Dancing

Tango Dancing Versus Ballroom Dancing

Tango dancing is a partner dancing that has many techniques that are similar but different than ballroom dancing. With ballroom dancing you generally flow around the floor using most of the lower parts of your body, but with tango dancing you generally use your center to start and your feet follow to support. Tango dance shoes and ballroom dance shoes in many ways are similar, both dance styles usually try to find a pair of comfortable dance shoes that wont have their feet screaming by the end of the night. The men usually have a dress type dance shoes and the women usually a comfortable high heel. Ballroom dancing is also a partner dance that was known as early as the 16th century. The tango and ballroom dance are both done competitively and just for entertainment on TV and Broadway. No matter which dance you might decide to do both take a lot of time and work to do. You must put in the effort and money to perfect these dances and commit to your first dance sport

The Argentine Tango is mainly a social dance that changes and evolves throughout the dance with each person, offering a variety of beauty and movement that is distinct with each movement. People just improvise their way through the dance and have fun with it, leading them to keeping their dance shoes on all night in some cases while they dance the night away. This dance is done in numerous countries, and is often done at parties and celebrations

The Ballroom dancing is a dance that is structured and, as noted above, is usually performed in competitions with precise steps that are memorized. It is very theatrical and rehearsed with steps that are counted. The couple are judged and scores are given for their dance in competitions.

Regardless of the style of the Tango one performs, it can be a fun dance that couples can enjoy together. With the proper dance shoes, they can enjoy dancing The Tango all evening.




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