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How to pick women's ballroom dance shoes

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Choose Womens Ballroom Dance Shoes

Womens Ballroom Dance Shoes should be picked for support, performance, comfort and how they look.

Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes are essential for the precise movements that need to be made in ballroom dance. It is important to choose a shoe that is made for dancing instead of wearing street shoes, because the soles are made with thin suede instead of rubber. This allows the dancer to glide across the floor and gives the shoe the flexibility the dancer needs to accurately perform their dance steps.

There are three different styles of women’s ballroom dancing shoes, Standard, Latin and Practice. Shoe purchase should be dependent on the type of ballroom dancing to be performed and comfort level. There are open toe and closed toed shoes, depending on how much protection is needed for the feet. Tan or flesh-colored shoes should be worn for competition, so attention is not drawn to the feet and to make legs look longer.

Women’s standard dance shoes

Standard dance shoes are designed so backward movement is easier. They are closed toed pumps that generally have a low heel that is located more centrally to the foot, which helps with stability. They will also give more support to the dancer’s foot.

Latin style shoes

Women'ss latin style shoes generally have an open toe and the standard heel is 2.5 inches. The heel is thinner, and soles are more flexible than standard shoes, which is why it is typically worn for more complicated movements in dances like the tango or samba. If choosing just one pair of dance shoes, it is recommended to buy a Latin shoe.

A Practice dance shoe

A Practice dance shoe is usually an oxford type shoe that laces up. They usually have a heel that is 1-2 inches and are used for practicing or more modern dance. Dance sneakers can also be used as a practice shoe. They resemble a typical sneaker, but offer the dancer the flexibility for precision because of the sole being made from suede.

Whatever dance shoe is being purchased, make sure that it fits snugly, but you are still able to wiggle your toes. It is also important that your heel does not slip in the shoe or you could be more susceptible to injury.




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