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How to pick mens ballroom dance shoes

Choose Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes

Mens ballroom dance shoes come in several different varieties.

Dance shoes should be chosen overall for comfort, support, performance and style. Mens Ballroom Dance Shoes are critical to help prevent injury to your feet and to ensure the best possible performance. Ballroom dance shoes differ from street shoes, mainly because of the sole. Men’s soles are usually made of suede or smooth leather, which enables the dancer to glide across the floor, yet offers the right amount of traction.

Men’s ballroom dance shoes come in three different styles, Latin, Standard and Practice. The main difference in the shoes is heel height. The type of dance that is being performed goes into consideration of what type of shoe to wear.

Latin shoes

Latin shoes, which are also referred to as a Cuban heel, are used for such dances as samba and rumba. They typically have a heel that is 1.5 inches high and a suede sole. Wearing a Latin shoe is generally reserved for competition and not social dancing.

Standard ballroom shoes

Standard ballroom shoes resemble men’s dress shoes, but once again the difference is in the sole, which is made of suede. The heel is usually 0.5 inches or higher, and is usually worn for dances like the foxtrot or waltz.

Practice shoes

Practice shoes are for just that, practice. They tend to have an upper made of canvas to allow the foot to breathe and typically have no heel.

No matter what shoe is being purchased, overall comfort and fit, is an important factor. The shoe should be snug when laced, and not allow the foot to wiggle. If you choose a size or half size smaller than what you normally wear, it should offer the perfect fit. If it is too loose, you may not be able to properly grip your foot and it can throw you off balance. Being too tight, can allow injury to happen because you will lose flexibility in the shoe.


Ballroom Dance Shoe Size Chart

There are many shoe size variety when it comes to USA, Europe, UK, Japan producers. Please see size chart below.
adult shoe size chart


Mens dance comparison chart




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