Scientific Studies & 9 Health Advantages of Dance

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Scientific Studies & 9 Health Advantages of Dance

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Scientific Studies and Health Advantages of Dance

Top 9 Health Advantages of Dance:

1 Enhance Ability to remember The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that shows people who dance can increase memory and preclude the development of dementia as you get older. The Hippocampus is the area in the brain that controls memory and these studies show that aerobic exercise can reverse volume loss in this area of the brain. In late adulthood it is normal for the Hippocampus to decrease in size which frequently leads to memory loss and dementia.

2 Enhance diverse thinking Divergent thinking occurs then the brain has the ability to freely come up with new ideas and creativity. Dancing encourages divergent thinking and can enhance creativity according to studies by the New England Journal of Medicine.

3 Improve leg muscles Improving your muscles strength, tolerance and balance. Runners and dancers have similar athletic capabilities especially they share excellent leg muscular definition. To maintain healthy feet both, runners and dancers, emphasize importance of their practice and preformance  shoes. Wrong shoes cause damage to your feet as wearing heels! To pick best shoes please visit our women’s dance shoes and men’s dance shoes collection.

4 Boost Heart Cardiovascular disease is a serious disease that affects many people. Dancing is a great way to improve hearth health, breathing and the overall quality of life. According to an Italian study those who danced improved more than those who took up walking or biking. Another study performed by Swedish researchers studied one hundred and twelve girls who struggled with back pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Half of the girls started dancing while the other half did not. The results are astounding. The girls who took up dancing saw a decrease in anxiety and stress levels. The also saw marked improvement in mental health and were much happier than those who did not participate in dancing. The positive effects lasted about eight months after the study was completed. Dancing continues to show positive effects upon teenage girls and may contribute to adhering to healthy habits into adulthood. Teenage girls are susceptible to a variety of stress and challenges on a daily basis and dancing seems to help teenage girls to remain positive and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

5 Scale down depression Another study showed that someone who was dancer was less likely to suffer from depression. An upbeat dance group lifts the spirits and dancers are much happier than those who do not dance. Studies show that people who do not dance show more symptoms and effects of depression.

6 Improve flexibility Improving your flexibility will decrease joint pain and muscle soreness after exercise. The best way to increase your flexibility is ballet dancing. You can benefit from practicing some simple stretches at home that are taught in a ballet class.

7 Reduce stress level Stress is a very real part of our lives and studies show that grabbing a partner and dancing with music can help reduce stress levels. The Tango is a very upbeat dance and accompanied with music helps to dissolve those stress levels.

8 Raise Energy Research published in a Scholarly Articles and Scholarly Resources proves that a once per week dance class program can improve physical performance and increase energy levels in adults.

9 Improve Balance A study that was posted in the Almanac of Developing and Physical life shows that dancing the Tango helps to enhance balance in older people. Dance movements requires great posture and fast movements that helps to stabilize the body and acquire better control also. Many older adults are concerned about falling and dancing will help to improve balance and stability to prevent those unwanted falls.

!!! Burn off weight Dancing is just as beneficial as cycling or jogging in improving aerobic power and losing weight. Dance training is an excellent form of exercise that can help to keep weight within normal limits and to do your best make sure your dance attire & shoes compliments your fit. There was a study posted in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology that proved that dancing was a great form of exercise to maintain weight and remain healthy and strong.




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