47th Grand National DanceSport Championship In Miami

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47th Grand National DanceSport Championship

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47th Grand National Dancesport Championships

47th Grand National DanceSport Championship In Miami

This year on October 26 through 29 the 47th Grand National DanceSport Championship will take place. The competition will be in Miami, Florida at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The 5-star hotel is located at 1 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139. The competition will be hosted in the famous ballroom that watches over the huge ocean view. The ballroom is approximately 10,000+ square feet. There are lots of perks of staying at the Ritz that weekend one being you have the opportunity to get 10% off at their spa service and the other perk is you get to see all the ballroom dancers. The hotel reservation deadline is October 4th. For more details please visit grandnationalchampionship.com

There are several categories open to apply for. Entries such as the Rising Star Entry, there are different divisions and different levels that might apply for you. Levels of dancing and what you're able to apply for. There are entries for beginners and professionals, their also 2 age divisions. There are 4 dance entries that you can apply into. The dance entry is selected ballroom dance themes like the cha or the latin dancing. There are awards and scholarships for each category

The entry deadline to perform is on October 7th. You can purchase at several levels entries. Such as spectator ticket forms Pro/Am multi-dance entry. Also, the professional entry and the Amateur entry. You can apply for either entry and pay the appointed fees and pick which pack you want to purchase. Your choice of breakfast, dinner, competition days and so on.

You can also be provided with wardrobe for the big event. Instead of going to other dance stores looking to provide you with dancesport wardrobe for the weekend you can just simply go dancing America which is an American facility that supplies dancesport supplies and able to deliver to you right away. You can even shop the extraordinary selections of handcrafted dance attire from Dance America. At Dance America, you can choose from great collections of women fashionable shoes and men's fashionable shoes. The dance shoes are specially crafted for the dance competition. Dance America can provide your entire attire for this 2017 competition for practice and competition.

This particular weekend can be your dance weekend and mini vacation. You will be surrounded by the beaches, galleries, and museums. Also, surrounded by high fashion shopping and the top of the line restaurants. It has the opportunity of being an awesome weekend.




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