Largest Ballroom Dancewear Production in the USA

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Meet Our Dance America Factory

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Largest Ballroom Dancewear Production in the USA!

If you want to see what Dance-America can provide for you, take a tour of our factory!  The Dance America factory is the largest practice wear production in the USA!

This is where all the mens, women's, and childrens dance attire is manufactured. 


Dance America has already been recognized as the number one provider of dance-sport products, now we are proud to unveil the latest addition to our growing company. We present to you a new, fully operational production facility!

Located in sunny Florida, our new facility is no hidden warehouse stuck in some windswept industrial park. Dance America has spared no expense in creating a location that can produce both the quantity and quality of work that our customers have grown to expect. Mixing the precision of state of the art computer modeling, the speed of industrial grade equipment, and the undeniable flair of expert hand crafting, this facility is perfectly set to produce to any taste.

The benefits of a new American factory are many, and can be passed directly on to you, our customers. Computer controlled iEcho cutting tools allow us to use every possible square inch of fabric, and this increased efficiency results in a better value that is passed directly to the dancers. Furthermore, our staff is not simply rubber stamping the work of the machines, our professional seamstresses take the raw cut material and hand-fashion sets of unforgettable apparel. Finally, when your order is finished, we package it on-location ourselves, ensuring that it arrives at your location in the same condition that it leaves our factory.
Naturally, we take the sport of dance seriously, and have no desire or intention to deliver a flawed product. By creating a facility that can handle every step of the production process, we are able to quickly identify any problem at any point in the process, and ensure that it is swiftly corrected.

Dance America is caters to men, women, and children. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles for a variety of uses, from formal competition to more relaxed expositions. At Dance America we are just as passionate about the quality and style of our products as our customers are about their sport. With our new Florida facility, we are ever more able to fulfill the expectations and desires of our customers.

Take a look, and there will be no question why we are the number one industry source for dance-sport necessities.




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