Dance America 2017 Ballroom Attire Collection

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2017 Collection

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dance america 2017 collection

Dance America 2017 Collection

Dance America is a company that has always been recognized as one of the number one providers of  dance sport products. The facility that's based in Florida, USA, produces high quality and high quantity of dance clothes. The facility has top industrial equipment and expert hand-crafting for all styles and tastes. The products are sold and shipped all over the world. No third party shipping! The facility ships all products themselves as soon as the  seamstress are finished with the products.  Dance America provides for men, women, and children with a range of sizes, styles, and variety of uses.

Dance America 2017 attire is highly fashionable ballroom dancewear, such as skirts, blouses, and dance trunks in 5 colors. You can  expect  flares and ruffles in all the colorful skirts such as the Sequin Short Trumpet Skirt - that runs for $149.00. It is great for ballroom dancing with its trumpet flares of black velvet and black sequins material that is romantic and fits all body types. Another great attire in the 2017 collection is the 8-Panel Simple Skirt. The skirt comes in 14 colors that flares out and flows with you without weight.

The 2017 attire also provides for men, such as the Latin Pants or the Elastic Waisted Practice Pants without a zipper. Also, the loose fit shirt without trunks, or even the Mesh Kimono shirt. It's perfect for sexy male ballroom dancers.

Dance America sells all over the world although they don't make their shoes. They ship their shoes from England, Russia, and Portugal. The ballroom shoes are made for dancing and are still fashionable and elegant. Shoes such as the Andra O8OE which adds a wonderful finishing touch and was specifically designed for Ann Firstova. The features of the shoe include exceptional balance, strong arch support, soft padded sole, and elegance and beauty. There are also shoes available for men to glide around the dance floor. 




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