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6 Top Music Counts

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How to count dance music

Valuable tips on counting Latin dance music!

Every ballroom dance has its unique "rhythm" in its musical timing. To match the ballroom dance rhythm to the music, just count your steps regarding Slow - S and Quick -Q-. Slow is worth two beats and quick is worth only one beat. However, various dances are counted differently

ChaCha (1-2-3-4-&)

ChaCha rhythm is pretty intense. ChaCha requires five steps to make in four. That extra step occurs with in the 4th beat, meaning that the 4th beat is divided in two. Always count the -&- on this -½- beat. An entire basic step here takes place over eight beats.

Rumba (S-Q-Q)

Rumba is great to dance to because, just like the Waltz, the timed dance steps match evenly into four-beat bars of music. An entire Rumba basic takes two bars of music, and it is ocationaly important to count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

Tango (S-S-Q-Q-S)

Since Tango has two beats per bar, it must then be counted two beats at a time. All the steps should be eight counts long, and so one should always count in groups of eight. The standard rhythm usually used that applies to almost the steps is (S-S-Q-Q-S).

Fox Trot (S-S-Q-Q)

Although the Foxtrot music has four beats per bar, the standard dance rhythm is six counts long (S-S-Q-Q). That indicates that a simple step catches 1½ bars of music. You will notice that although the starting and end of the steps do not necessarily match the beginning and end of the corresponding bars, they mostly meet up every three bars.

Swing (S-S-Q-Q)

Swing musicality has four beats per bar, but the standard dance rhythm is six counts (S-S-Q-Q). That means a basic step takes 1½ bars of musicality. Similarly, the beginning and end of the steps do not necessarily match the beginning or the end of the bars.

Salsa (Q-Q-S)

Salsa musicality has variety avenues of executing the four beats of musicality to create Salsa flow. Salsa is one of the dances that allows large freedom to express your own creativity and talent. 1st quick beat in Salsa musicality is one of the most popular one. Starting first Quick on second beat requires some experience counting 2-3-4-hold




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