Closed Dance Hold In Ballroom Dancing

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Closed Dance Hold

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Partner Positions In Ballroom Dancing

The closed dance hold is one of the basic positions to start any dance step. The partners are holding onto each other and ready to begin. This position is perfect for the cha cha in shoes from that era. If you do not know how to cha cha, or have just forgotten, refresh yourself by trying one of many dance videos. You can also take dance lessons if you do not want to dance by yourself. The fun thing about taking lessons is that you will always have a partner. The closed hand hold is also great for slow dances. You have the position and you will not need to change during the dance with this position. You can slow dance all night and never have to let go of your partner. This position is seen often in ballroom dance competitions. The couple is facing each other. The male has his right arm around the waist of the female, and she has her left hand on his right shoulder. They can move and sway together at any dance speed. There is complete body contact with this position, but the contact can be broken depending on the dance routine. You will have the flexibility to do turns and dips and get back to this position easily if your shoes grip the floor.

The closed dance hold position can be performed without the full frontal body contact. Each partner can step back just a little so that the shoes do not touch, and create a dance style that will astonish onlookers. Variations of this position can show initiative and the ability to remain in control of the original position. People have the tendency to look at the dancer's feet with focus on the dance shoes and not the overall dance routine. When using this partner position in dance competitions, it is wise to be mindful that the body contact is a strong point. Some dancers prefer to start with this position, vary away in the middle, and then end with a sensual return to the closed dance hold. This position can be a vital part of any dance routine. If you need help learning it and at what point you can vary from it gracefully, join the many people taking ballroom dance lessons and getting the right shoes for the job.




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