Science of Selecting the Best Pair of Mens Dance Shoes

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The Science of Selecting the Best Pair of Men's Dance Shoes

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Mens Dance Shoes Guid

The Best Pair of Men's Ballroom Dance Shoes:

So you have decided to take on the task of learning how to ballroom dance? Finding the best pair of men's ballroom dance shoes will make all the difference in the world when it comes to your future on the ballroom floor! Now showing up to your first few lessons in your normal shoes is ok, but hopefully this guide will help you find the perfect ballroom dance shoes, making your time learning to dance much more enjoyable.

What Makes Dance Shoes Different

There are a couple differences that need to be addressed from the start. The biggest difference is in the soles. Normal men's shoes have soles that are cheap and made of rubber or leather. Men's ballroom dance shoes will have a sole that is suede. Ballroom shoes will also be more flexible in the heel, and offer more arch support that normal shoes. For men, ballroom shoes will generally look like this CLICK HERE>>

Selecting the Right Brand

Quite often in this day and age, we get caught up in brands. While brand loyalty is a good thing, don't let your decision be base completely on that. Here at we have only the top quality shoes for both beginners and experts. And our quality men's ballroom dance shoes are made in England and Portugal!

The Fit Matters

Before beginning your great journey in ballroom dance, you need to know what size shoe you need. It is important to remember that shoes made for men's ballroom dance are in British sizes. If your shoe doesn't fit well, it can have a negative impact on your dancing! Your ballroom dance shoes should fit very snug, even tighter than normal shoes. As you wear them, they will loosen and form to your foot.

The Golden Rule for Ballroom Shoes

Your ballroom shoes will be a very important investment for your dance lessons. It is very important to keep them clean, and never wear them outside on concrete and asphalt. If you wear them outside, you will destroy the suede bottom of the shoe, which is the entire point of having ballroom dancing shoes. Also keeping them clean will improve the life span of the shoe. The sole should be brushed often to maintain its cleanliness.

Bringing it All Together

Deciding to take ballroom dance lessons in a great choice. Ballroom dancing can be tons of fun, but it is also a great way to meet new people, and make great friends. Not to mention that it can be an intense workout. But as much fun as it can be, having the right shoes on your feet can make all the difference in the world. Hopefully this guide will shed some light on what show can be best for you!




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