Ballroom Dancers and Every Day Diet

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Dancers and Their Diet

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Ballroom Dancers & Every Day Diet

Ballroom Dancers & Every Day Diet

Every dancer needs a diet that does something for their energy levels as they go to the dance studio. Read more to learn about a diet that provides dancers with energy, lean muscle, and helps them remain as limber as possible in those dancing shoes.

A Fiber-Filled Breakfast
Eating oatmeal and cereal for breakfast is a nice way to start the day. Dancers are not bodybuilders, and they do not need to eat protein at every meal like other diets might suggest. A lovely bowl of stone ground oats with some fruit gets the dancer ready for the day without causing them to feel too full. They cannot dance well if their stomachs are sloshing.
Protein shakes are possible at breakfast if the dancer does not feel too full when drinking them. Many dancers use smoothies as a way to start the day because each one is filled with fruits and vegetables. Meal replacements are often too heavy, but a smoothie that you made yourself goes a long way to starting the day well.

A Light Lunch
A light lunch with a tiny amount of protein helps dancers get ready for the rest of their day. A salad with a protein such as chicken apple sausage works very well, or they might eat something like a taco that is filled with ground turkey.
The lunch a dancer eats cannot be so filling that they feel they need a nap. However, it cannot be so light that they have no energy. Their diet is a progression to a much larger dinner that gives them energy to use for their long nights of planning, repairing dance shoes, and choreographer.
Dancers who slow down after lunch might choose to flip flop lunch and dinner. A protein filled lunch should include a protein, side dish, and small dessert. Snacks between each meal are also recommended such as protein bars or granola bars.

The Protein Dinner
A heavy dinner that features a large protein helps dancers recover from their long day. These proteins must be as Lane as possible and should include pork, chicken, and fish. There must be green sides on the dinner to help dancers find all their nutrients possible to care for their joints, and they might end the meal with a protein shake that include recovery powder. This is the time of the day when dancers might eat like bodybuilders.
The dancer's diet must be as hefty as possible, but it cannot be so large that they cannot function. The best dancers in the world eat a progressive diet that leads up to a recovery dinner. They awake the next morning ready to face the day, and they have not once overeaten meaning they fit their shoes.




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