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Ballroom Dance Shoe Size Chart

Ballroom Dance Shoe Size Chart

There are several shoe size variations when it comes to UK, Europe, USA, Japan manufacturers. Please view size chart above!

Womens ballroom shoes as well as mens shoes must be fitted properly in order to serve their function. For example womens dance shoes may look similar to regular womens dress shoes; however, the dance shoes are quite different in many ways.

Womens and mens ballroom shoes are carefully designed so that they have much better heel placement to provide comfort as well as balance. Balance is extremely important when on the dance floor. Ballroom shoes are often made from suede or soft leather.

There are a vareity of ballroom dance shoe manufacturers. Popular ballroom shoe manufacturers include Capezio and Ray Rose. Both men and womens ballroom style shoes come in a variety of sizes. In addition, common ballroom shoe colors include black, white or beige. In certain situations ballroom style shoes may be special ordered to meet your needs. Keep in mind special orders will certainly be more costly.

Womens practice style shoes normally have laces in the front with sturdy and very durable heels. It is quite easy to determine what size ballroom shoe would need. For example, a foot that is 9 and 1/3 inches would probably take a size 6 ballroom shoe. In addition, a foot which measure 10 inches would fit nicely into a size 8 ballroom shoe. You can purchase a ballroom shoes up to about size 14. There is a ballroom dance shoe size chart that is specifically used when measuring for ballroom style shoes. Most shoe manufacturers should have an updated shoe chart. Ballroom dance shoe size charts are usually accurate and it can easily tell you instantly which size shoe would fit best.

Ballroom shoes are made to provide balance, stamina, comfort as well as motion. Keep in mind, shoes of this nature are designed so that tricky moves can be masked. Shoes that are stiff would limit movement and may prevent certain ballroom dance moves from being done. This is one reason why ballroom shoes are made especially for dance purposes.

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