Latin Dance Etiquette and Guidelines

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Latin Dance Etiquette and Guidelines

Latin Dance Etiquette and Guidelines:

There are several expectations that should be adhered to when on the dance floor in order to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience. Latin dance can be beautiful and joyful as long as proper etiquette is involved.

Proper dress from your top to your shoes is extremely important. The gentlemen are expected to wear a button up shirt, solid color T-shirt, or a mock turtleneck with dress pants and mens dress shoes. Dress jackets may be worn but vests are considered to be more stylish. Keys, if nowhere else to keep them, should be placed in the left pocket to avoid causing injury to your partner. Woman dress attire is more alluring or provocative, in some ways, in that is usually short skirts or long skirts with a slit running throughout, which is worn with either a midriff shirt or ones with low necklines. Long hair should be in a ponytail or bun so that it doesn't get caught in your partner's hand or flog them in the face. A stylish pair of heels with straps opposed to dance shoes that allow the feet to stick or make skids on the floor (these type of shoes also pose a potential to cause an injury). Having baggy sleeves or low cut out arms can make it difficult for your partner to have access to your back. Long necklaces, brooches, large rings, and belt buckles should be avoided as well as they may also result in injury.

When asking for a dance the traditional phrases are advisable while ensuring to remain within eye contact of your intended partner. These days it doesn't matter who is asking, men or women, however, acceptable socialization and common sense needs to be practiced. Though it is sometimes necessary to decline a dance request, it is recommended to avoid the action, but to do so properly when imperative.

While most dances feature movements of a counter-clockwise aspect, Latin and Swing dances are considered more in the region of stationary. Be sure to proceed carefully when entering and exiting the dance floor to avoid other couples dancing. Remember to always thank your dance partner, as it is polite.

Give a wide berth to dancing around the entrances and exits, as other maybe trying to enter and exit the floor. Equally as important is the practice of sharing the dance floor, keep away from others as to not collide, and certainly leaving the floor from time to time in order to allow other to dance. Be mindful of aerials, drops, or other moves that may take a considerable amount of floor space, or pose a danger to one another.

It is important to remain presentable and personable, keep a friendly and warm demeanor while on the dance floor. Never blame your partner for missed steps or attempt to coach your partner without prior invitation.




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