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Dance Positions

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Ballroom Dance Positions

Ballroom Dance Positions

You can use a lot of different positions when you are dancing, but you have to be sure you are learning the basics as you begin. There are many things you can do once you have learned the fundamentals of dance, and they often involve pivoting in your new dance shoes. The fundamentals of dance will be easy to use once you have studied them, and you will see your dancing improve a lot when you are learning the basics. You can go back to these positions as you dance, and you be will more confident when you are on the dance floor.

Closed Position is the one where you are close to your partner and clasping their hand with their hand on your back or waist. Your shoes are flat on the floor, and you can move from there. This is the position where you do a lot of your dancing, and it is going to feel a lot different to use this position because it puts you chest to chest with your partner. You get the closeness that you are looking for, and it teaches the two of you who to move when you are on the floor.

Promenade Position is where you are entering the floor, and it is the on where you are side by side. You have to be able to move side by side because a lot of these dances where you are moving aside each other as you dance. There are a lot of people who are going to use this position to break away from the pclosed position, and it teaches you to be independent of your partner.

Outside Partner is great for you because you have to make sure that you can pull away from your partner and come right back. This means that you are going to be touching the whole time, but you are going to pull out for a move before coming back.

Position(Right) will help you move to one side or the other when you are completing a dance move. There are a lot of moves that only go on way or the other in your dance shoes, and you will have a good idea of where to go when you are working with a person who knows how to do this.

You can try all of these different positions in your new dance shoes when you are learning a fundamentals of the dance. You can learn a lot of different things about the dance, and you can fall back on these moves.




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