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History and Ballroom Dancing

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ballroom dance history

Ballroom Dance History

Ballroom dancing has been around basically since the beginning of organized dancing. Starting in England was the very first recorded organized ballroom dancing however, there is record of ballroom type dancing earlier in France. The term ballroom dancing comes from the Latin derivative of Ballade. Which means to dance. During this time ball room dancing was unorganized and was mainly held for elite status people that could afford beautiful shoes and expensive parties. Ballroom dancing has evolved massively since that time. It is now organized by two separate dancing organizations and there are competitions all over the world for ballroom dancing.

As with most things in the world, ballroom dancing has met some opposition. In the early periods, ballroom dancing was very difficult and a very elite league to be involved in. It was originally a very expensive event and involved large beautiful dresses and elaborate dancing shoes. It originally was held for huge, expensive parties that only the richest could attend. Which gave it a bad light for the rest of the blue collar world that wanted to be involved. However, the dancing has evolved quite a bit since that time. The competitions have eased to allow other styles of dance to be involved in ballroom dancing such as waltzing and polka. And basically anyone who wants to be involved in ballroom dancing can now. It has opened many doors for low income or under privileged people to get there foot in the door somewhere to improve their world. Now we have more affordable dancing shoes than ever and are available for any status person to enjoy.

Competitive dancing has evolved and been organized by the World Dance council. They offer the basic standards of different dances and organize judges for all types of dancing competitions. There are approximately 30 countries that hold some type of organized ballroom dancing competition. Dancing competitions have brought forward positively in even the lowest of situations. From ballroom dancing competitions and shows that occured for entertainment during the Great Depression to weddings and other celebrations, dancing is something that is not going away. Ballroom dancing didn’t appear in the United States until the 20th century. It began as an elite dance squad that only did dancing and performing. However, it has since evolved and has brought together many different cultures and socio economic statuses. Ballroom dancing has opened the doors for the connection of all types of people all over the world. If you are looking for a place to fit in, try ballroom dancing to open the doors for new friends and new experiences. Check out Dance America!

Ballroom dancing has a huge history. From its undocumented beginning to now with highly organized dances and competitions. Ballroom dancing opens the door for people to enjoy beautiful shoes and dresses, handsome tuxes and elegant style. Ballroom dancing has brightened the world by bringing happiness and joy to even the worst of situations. Competitive dance is a relatively new and enjoyable concept. It only started in the United States in the 20th century. Learning how to dance ballroom dance can only benefit your life!




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