Argentine Tango vs American Tango Dancing

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Tango Dancing

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Argentine Tango vs American Tango Ballroom Dancing

Argentine Tango vs American Tango Dancing

The Argentine Tango and the American Tango, are two very different forms of ballroom dancing. In fact, the only thing that these two disciplines have in common is the word Tango, but when looking at them the differences are very apparent. Not only do these require different types of costumes, but at times different dance shoes. So, let's take a closer look at these two types of tangos, what dance steps are involved and more about their origins.

Argentine Tango

This form of sensual dance dates all the way back to the 1800's in Buenos Ares. The dance had a sort of sexual tension feel and some of the movements conveyed a sort of longing during the dance. As for the movements, the dance can have the women dancing around her partner performing some intricate footwork. Unlike the American tango, lifts can be executed within the Argentine Tango. Also at times during the dance, the couple go into a close frame where their heads meet and could do dips throughout as well. Due to the certain forms a woman who is shorter then her partner will be required to wear a spike heel shoe in order to be more his height due to their unison throughout the dance, these types of shoes will also be a notable addition to the overall look of the woman costume which is usually no longer than mid length with a slit for free movement.

American Tango

A far more structured form of ballroom dancing this one has its origins dating back to Europe around the turn of the 20th Century. The most notable thing about the tango is that like the Quickstep once in the proper hold the couple must remain in hold throughout the dance. The hold of the American Tango has the woman leaning back and a bit of distance between the couple as the move to a slow, slow, quick, quick movement along the dance floor. As for costuming, women tend to wear a longer ballroom gown, and because of this fact if they are more their parners height, spike heel dance shoes aren't really required to still bring about the beauty of the dance itelf.

There they are the two different forms of Tango known in the ballroom circuit. Each one with their own set of dance steps, costumes styles and shoes. Each with their own unique style and history well versed in the area of ballroom dancing.




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