Correct dance shoes keeps your feet healthy

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8 Tips on how to flourish on the Dance Floor

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8 tips how to flourish on the dance floor

1 Correct dance shoes keeps your feet healthy!

Buying the right dance shoes is an important part of the process. It is best to try on dance or ballroom shoes before you buy them, even if buying online. Make sure they have a secure fit, leaving room for the toes. Once you have tried on several pairs and made your decision, you can buy them at the right place for the right price, confident in your decision.

2 Practice makes perfect: The only way to look your best when you show off is to practice your moves! Practice around your house or your practice space until your new dance shoes are well broken in, and you are confident in your moves.

3 Learn from the best: Taking classes in the type of dance you are looking to master will help you learn from the best. There tend to be classes offered by several local venues, and exploring the options around you will help you find the right class. Taking classes is an excellent way to break in your new dance shoes, and get advice about which shoes will be right for you. Classes also offer a regular practice schedule to help keep your muscles in tune for your dance moves.

4 The more, the merrier: The more types of dance you learn, the better you will become all-around. They will also offer you the necessary knowledge in a variety of situations to show off your skills. A lot of studios offer classes in multiple types of dance, so asking around is a great way to find new dance classes.

5 Work it for the camera: Recording yourself dancing and reviewing the footage is a great way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in dance. Watching yourself will show you what you need to work on. Watching film is a proven practice to improve many skills, such as team and individual sports, dancing, and driving. If you don’t have a camera, you can also practice in front of a mirror to get the same feedback.

6 Get in the groove: Don’t practice in a quiet room; put on music to strut your stuff.

7 Practice for people: It’s understandable to be shy about busting out your new moves in front of people, but that’s the whole point! Keep that in mind while you are practicing. Remember that in the end, you want to be confident in your moves in front of people, and that’s the end goal.

8 Have fun: Dancing is all about having fun. When you have fun during practice and performance, you will look better and feel better while dancing. It's all about a good time!




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