22 Things Best Dancers do Defferent Than You

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22 Things the Best Dancers do Different than You!

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Things best dancers do different

1. Wear correct dance shoes

Shoes that are made for dancers are created in a way to make sure you are not harmed in any way including your legs and feet. When you're dancing your shoes fit you correctly.

2. Video yourself and use mirrors. 
After your first video review, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. Self-criticism is powerful tool for improvement!

3. Dance solo once in the while. 
Sometimes it is best to practice solo. Surprisingly it improves your dancing skills tremendously and dancing alone you can show your own talents.

4. View how other dancers dance. 
There are many ways you can change your dance moves and one way would be to look at videos. You should pay attention to the dancer and see where you may need help with, you can use some of the dance moves into your own routine. This is a very helpful tool for you to use so you can improve on your dancing.

5. They practice hard and they repeat, repeat, repeat!
This is self-explanatory but if you need help with it, you should know your dance moves like back of your hand.

6. Do not listen to negative thoughts.
Your inner thoughts can harm you more than other people can. The best thing to do is to just ignore it and keep on trying to do your best it will benefit you in the end.

7. Always get checked out if  you are in pain.
Many dancers do not make it because they ignore their pain. So when they finally go to the doctor it can be too late!

8. Dancers test themselves .
Practice maybe good however, sign to compete, register to perform showcases, teach others, experience dancing outside your comfort zone

9. Exercise is on the top of their every day to do list .
If you want to succeed you need to stay in shape!

10. Ignore negative talking. 
This type of talk will stop you from succeeding so avoid it at all times.

11. Reject judgmental people. 
Do your work! Do not allow people distract you.

12. Top dancers always believe in themselves.
Believe in yourself. Life is growth, challenge yourself.

13. Workout.
Exercise, strength your muscles, you need to stay in shape especially if you want to succeed.

14. Have supportive group of friends.
Every successor has support group, you must have too, you are not different!

15. During practice get constant, solid feedback.
Utilize your dance partner, instructor, video or mirrors, it will help you greatly.

If you have decided to make this your life then you should give it your all.

17. Always have the best instructor.
You should look for the best and most experience instructor it will help you greatly in your dance career. When dancing for a period of time you will be knowledgeable and therefore you will be able to choose the best instructor for your self.

There are four traits a good instructor has:
The instructor experience: Some things to consider is: how long was the instructor teaching? Also how long has the instructor been dancing? Do the instructor have any certifications? You should also try looking into instructors who were once a dancer themselves they would make the best dance instructor because of their experience in the field.

The instructor qualification: You should check out the dance instructor qualifications, and what makes the dance instructor qualified to teach you the dance moves you want to learn.

Is the dance instructor dedicated: Is the dance instructor dedicated to teaching you the dance moves. It is important that the dance instructor is dedicated to teach you how to dance because, in the dancing field.

Is the dance instructor punctual: It is important that the dance instructor is on time. Do the dance class start on time or is it late a lot. A good dance instructor will be a good example to their students. If the dance instructor is not punctual then it would be a good idea to find another one.

The dance instructor should also be respectful: Being respected is how every dance student should feel. Dance students should also feel important. So if you do not feel that way then perhaps you should look for another dance instructor.

18.Excellent dancers stay on top of all the new dance moves.
This will help you to create your own prospective and your own voice.

19. Posture, Posture, Posture!
Your posture as a dancer is very important.

20. Technique improvement.
Professionals are working on improving their techniques throughout their entire careen. It is important to learn new and different dance moves

21. They are relaxed.
Body will perform better if it is relaxed

22. Always Stretch
Work on your flexibility daily. Being flexible helps your moves look effortless

Keep in mind that: These actions are very important and once you start to use them your dancing skills will be off to a great start. So give it a try and see where your dancing career will take you.




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