2019 World Professional Latin Championship in Miami

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2019 WDC

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World Professional Latin Championship in Miami

2019 World Professional Latin Championship in Miami

Thursday October 24th 2019 will be the start of the 49th annual 2019 World Professional Latin Championship in Miami, Florida. This elite competition got it start in 1970. With over 500 dancers ranging in ages from young to old. Professional dancers from all around the globe will be participating in this competition. You can bet the dancers will be dressed in the nines with the very best dance attire and dance shoes. They have spent months or even years preparing for this moment. This dance competition is one of the biggest and longest running competitions in the United States history. This years event will be over the top and the best the World Professional Latin Championship has to offer.

The idea of the 2019 World Professional Latin Champion is to compete for the winners circle, to become number one, the grand national champion. Whoever makes it to the winners circle will go on to compete in the grand finale the World Championship. Couples or partners will have the opportunity to place first out of all the other competitors through out the entire world. And rein in as the world champions of ballroom dancing.

Cassandra Schneider is a part of the committee of the National DanceSport Championships. Her specific title with in the organization is the co-organizer. She says she is excited to be apart of this competition again. She hopes that Miami won’t disappoint and is honored because there are only 5 of these competitions world wide. Her and her husband Peter Schneider have been involved in this event since the early 2000’s. They celebrate their 17th time running this competition. They themselves are also professional dancers. Other jobs they have are judges and promoters of this event. Judges are chosen from around the globe for this event. And they estimate at least 500 dancers will show up to compete in full costume and Latin dance shoes.

Ballroom dancing has many different benefits. Not only is it considered competitive. It’s also a form of art. It allows partners to express themselves creatively. It allows you to grow and learn about yourself. And maybe become more intimate with your partner. It is also a sport. The older generation sometimes uses ballroom dancing a form of exercise to keep healthy. They also may just have a love for dancing. Dancers come from many different places around the globe. And different age groups can enjoy this dance as well. Competitors range in ages as young as 6 years old and as old as 90 years old. The dancers in the 2019 World Professional Latin Championship will battle it out with various dances in various categories within 5 different divisions. No matter the age we can guarantee our competitors will be there in the best possible dance attire and shoes. After all the way to win the 2019 World Professional Latin Championship or any dance competition is to start with quality, sturdy, support and affordable dancing shoes.

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