2019 Womens Ballroom Dance Collection

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2019 Ballroom Attire Collection

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Dance America Womens Attire Collection

2019 Womens Ballroom Dance Collection

Ballroom dancing is a glamorous art and you want a glamorous ballroom outfit to wear. The following outfits will fulfill your every dream.

The ballroom yoga pants provides a slimming effect for the legs. Another pair of pants that will make you feel glamorous are the ruche waist Basque pants. These pants can be worn short or long. They have an adjustable ruche waistband. Pair either pants with a pair of black dancing shoes and you feel as if you are dancing on the clouds.

If you are looking for a top to pair with your pants or a skirt, the ballroom fresco fringe top comes in a variety of colors and will work perfectly with either pants or a skirt. It is so fun it makes you feel flirty and free. Another great feeling top is the diagonal wrapped ballroom top. It wraps around your body with a v-neckline. With it being off shoulders with your hair up you will show off your glamorous neck and shoulders.

There are several skirts to choose that will look great with either of the two tops. The eight panels banded silhouette ballroom skirt coming in a variety of colors provides a glamorous silhouette. The hem shows off the dancer's legs. Put on a pair of shoes with the perfect heels and you will glide across the floor. The other skirt that can make you feel just as good is the two circle ballroom skirt. It has an asymmetric ruche. The two full circles shows off its elegance by stressing the asymmetric cut. The skirt is travel friendly as they are ninety-five percent polyester and five percent spandex. You will not find wrinkles in these skirts.

If you prefer a dress to pants or a skirt, the dresses are designed with dancers in mind. There are even plus sizes. The dresses made of ninety-five percent polyester and five percent spandex will last all day and thru the night with no wrinkles. The styles include both the sweet heart cut and the square cut. The designs have the draped or ruffled style. You will also find a variety of accessories that will accent the dress and make you feel even fancier.

Any of the above outfits will not only show off your dancing body but will make you feel so glamorous that the dancing is even more fun. Pair any of them with the perfect pair of shoes and you feel as if you are dancing on air.




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