2018 Womens Dance Top Collection from Dance America

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2018 Womens Top Collection from Dance America

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Womens Ballroom Dance Top Collection

Our New Ballroom Dance Top Collection

The one stop shop better known as Dance American is no stranger to ballroom dance attire which enhances many dancers wardrobe across the globe. Both women and men benefit from the company and have easy access to purchase all their wardrobes pieces which include women’s dance shoes, men’s dance shoes and accessories.

Another popular area of attire that Dance America specializes in is ladies tops. The 2018 collection is indeed a great line of tops that have unique designs. The women’s ballroom fresco fringe top starts at $99.00 and can be purchased in many different colors. This is a popular top as it is fun and flirty. While competing or taking a day off to party, you won’t be disappointed as to what this top has to offer.

The women’s diagonal wrapped ballroom top is an off the shoulder ballroom dance top. It is unique and a great addition to a Dance America skirt along with womens ballroom dance shoes. The top wraps and twists around the body enhancing a stunning and gorgeous v-neckline. It is known as the ingenious of dance tops . A favorite color purchased by many online shoppers is the green snake print. This print is vibrant and will gain the attention of any room.

These tops also goes great with Dance America shoes and other accessories that can be sold separately. If there is a particular item that is not in stock there is a 7 to 10 business day timeframe for arrival.

Hand washing your tops that are purchased at Dance America should be done in cold temperatures and laid on a flat surface to air dry. It is important that you do not iron or tumble dry any tops purchased from the company.

For additional help there is also a sizing chart located on their website for your accuracy when placing your order. All in all, the Dance America tops are indeed one of a kind. They are unique and budget friendly. You will not be disappointed as your purchase through Dance America will be a great investment not only if you are a professional dancer, but an individual that wants to expand his dance wear wardrobe.




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