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Dancers and Workout Routines

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Dancers and workout routines

Workout Tips From Professional Ballroom Dancers

One of the original workouts chosen for dancers was yoga, and the dancing world has since progressed to make dancers taller and stronger in their dancing shoes. Dancers can work out in a few different ways depending on what they prefer.

Male dancers often use weights because they lift their partners, and they must feel strong in their dancing shoes. There is a great deal of upper body strength needed in male dancing with a partner regardless of the style. Men who lift weights must be careful to lift only a small amount because they do not want to be too bulky.

Men who do yoga add a bit of length to their musculature, and they might go so far as to do Pilates which was created for dancers. Lady dancers often do Pilates because their bodies must be lithe and long as possible. The muscle lengthening that is provided in many aspects of Pilates helps woman to look as though all their lines are perfect.

A lady can do a little weightlifting, but she must be careful to not develop bulky muscle. A few bicep curls and leg lifts help women have the muscles they need without feel like they are overdoing it.

Running is an important part of dancing because it builds up stamina. If a woman or man wants to take a run before heading to the studio, they often feel energized to start the day. Running must be paired with slow exercise such as yoga, and it should not be done so often that the legs become all muscle without lengthening.

The workout routine for dancers helps them remind limber in their shoes, and they feel as though they are not bulking up too much. Dancers stay strong because of the work they do on the dance floor, but that work is not enough to keep them in top physical condition. A combination of aerobic exercise and weights allows dancers to transform their bodies for their particular style of dance.


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