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The Meter And Counting Of Dance Music

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how to measure dance music

Finding The Meter Of Ballroom Dance Music:

Finding the meter of your dance music requires a bit of knowledge of music, but you will learn the feel of any ballroom dance with practice just as easy as  you learned to pick best ballroom dance shoes. The meter of any song tells you if the song is in two, in three or in four counts. There are complex time signatures used to denote the meter in printed music, but you do not have the luxury of staring at the music before you dance. This article explains how you will find the meter in your ballroom dance music.

#1: Choosing Between Two, Three And Four

You must choose between two and three when you consider the meter of any song. Songs that are in two or four have a heavy backbeat that you can clap to. The backbeat is on two and four, and you may clap along with it for the entirety of the song. This is the most common time signature available, and you may default to two or four easily and tap away your dance shoes to it.

Songs that are in three include the waltz, and you will notice that every song in three does not have a heavy backbeat. You may search for the backbeat, but you will never find it. The distinctive "ONE-two-three ONE-two-three" is unmistakable, and you must ensure that you hear that pattern before assuming you are in three.

#2: The Meter Determines The Step

The meter of the song determines the steps, and your dance shoes are hitting the ground on the beats of the song. Knowing the meter tells you the sort of dance you may do, and you may choose better choreography for a song you love. You may do the reverse when you are searching for a song that matches the dance you wish to do. You cannot do the waltz in four, and you may search for songs that are clearly in three for your waltz.

Understanding the meter of every song takes practice, and you must listen to as much music as possible to learn how to make your decisions quickly. You will become so adept at noting the meter of a song that it will become second nature. Your choreography will improve immensely, and you will find that it is much easier to plan for future dances with this information. Your ballroom dancing career will begin to take off when you have a feel for the music.


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