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Cha Cha Dance History

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 cha cha dance

Cha Cha Dance

Cha Cha dancing makes me think of course of the type of dancing I grew up with, which was country-western, what we called Jitterbug, which was my favorite dance, because it emanated energy, vitality and just fun! Did you need dance shoes, I believe you do or else how can the Cha Cha sound be made, so dance shoes it is.

The Cha Cha's originations were from Latin dancing like the Rumba or Mambo. Dance steps like anything else morph from one to the other with not only adding on to an already existing step but taking away because a certain individual feels at that tempo, at that beat it might be more fun sliding to the right or a jog to the left in your shoes, incorporating the upper body movements and not having all attention on just the legs or feet.

At a lot of points the dance might be just as well solo as with a partner. The evolution is always there for the taking or the "stepping" into. There are times when one feels as if you can climb that star-walk and head directly for the heavens like with the Cha Cha and because you are climbing you are being jettisoned forward into the unknown and what a myriad of possibilities you will encounter, the steps are there for the taking: How would you like to put those future steps together, in what category are they going to fall, and then all of a sudden the order is set and then there is a polishing to take the rough edges off the mold and begin to sand to the right or left and then decide to make it a very short 1-2-3 forward then backward.

Let's incorporate a partner so that he can twirl you, so that your centrifugal force seems as if you are moving across the dance floor on air as there is hardly a sound. When you land, what immediately comes to mind and legs is the feeling to Cha Cha to gain your balance and start it all over again.

What is the history of Cha Cha, just by nature of the sound, it's Latin or Latin bound. Get a partner, stroll out onto the dance floor alone, feel the beat and let your body go, the feet's encounter with the floor, the body's sweep through the air, gives you direction to be here, no there, anywhere. You are not corralled into a limited space or time.

Movements this quick whether with dancing shoes or not, will certainly give you the cardiovascular benefits that constitute a healthy mind and body. It does require grace when with a partner, but not so much if you are independent. No matter from where Cha Cha descends, keep the body moving and your joints do not stiffen, they cannot, they will not as you are in constant motion, which is the same of the universe in which we live. is it not.


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