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Ballroom Dance Champions

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Ballroom Dancers

History of Ballroom dance champions!

Ballroom dancing is so much more than glamorous costumes, glittery women's shoes and gallant men's footwear. Ballroom Dance has captivated audiences with its dance style, dance costumes, grace, and elegance for centuries and continues to grow in popularity around the world. With hit television shows and countless competitions being held worldwide, it is no wonder why this graceful style of dance continues to capture the attention of new audiences and professional dancers from all over the world. Professional ballroom dancing is much more than art and entertainment and requires years of training, and the same dedication and physical training as any other professional sport. Watching women in elegant  evening gowns, wearing satin shoes and sharp-dressed men in suits glide across the stage in perfect harmony, often make ballroom dance competitions appear more like a show than a contest of skill, but it is the mastering of this unique combination that makes a true ballroom dance champion.

Ballroom Dance Past and Present

Competitive ballroom dancing came from humble beginnings back in 1908 when Camille de Rhynal began to hold annual dance championships in Paris. While records of Camille de Rhynal’s competitions are few, the annual contests were a springboard for modern day world dance championships. Ballroom dance has come a long way since 1908 and has undergone some tremendous changes since its humble beginnings. 1922 could be considered the sports breakout year when official record keeping began and single world titles were handed out rather than given to individual dancers. Throughout its long and bright history, the sport of ballroom dancing has crowned some amazing champions.

Ballroom Dance Champions

Though the world championship didn't become official until 1936, champions have been crowned since 1922, when Victor Silvester and Phyllis Clark of England won the first championship. Since that historic day, many dancers from all over the world have competed and earned the title of champion. Maxwell Stewart and Barbara Miles, also of England, were champions for three consecutive years from 1924 thru 1926 until Edward Blunt and Doris Germai took the coveted title in 1927 to give England another win. In 1928, Maxwell Stewart returned to win the championship with a new partner, Pat Sykes. European dancers were the dominating force of ballroom dance for many years with dancers from Italy, Scotland, and France all winning championships. In the 80's, Michael and Vicky Barr were five-time champions. The pair had been dancing together since their youth. The United States came on the professional ballroom dance scene in 2009, when Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova won their first championship. The dance pair continues their winning streak with wins from 2009 thru 2015. With their incredible style and grace, they could continue their streak into 2016.


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